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Octagon follows a corporate policy of providing customers optimal global resources. Our India-based facilities offer universally trained associates who allow our customers to derive substantial gains in metrics like cost, quality, turnaround time and overall customer satisfaction.

It is not just cost savings but better quality and quicker turnaround times that have led to the success of offshore BPOs.

India is fast emerging as the destination of choice for global corporations looking to improve service levels and derive quantum gains in their bottom-line. Leading companies that use India-based services include Amazon.com, Aetna, American Express, AXA, Bank of America, British Airways, Citigroup, Conseco, Dell, Ford, GE, Guardian, HSBC, Microsoft, Sprint, etc. Large corporations have setup their own captive operations to outsource their back-office processes to India. This has resulted in the creation of a vast talent pool. Medium and small organizations are outsourcing to business partners in India through either one of the following relationships:-
  » Traditional outsourcing relationship
  » Joint Venture
  » BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)
  » Strategic investment
India is uniquely positioned to be the ideal offshore BPO location because:

  » Large English Speaking Population - India has over 100 million English-speaking people with over 2 million English-speaking graduates joining the talent pool annually.
  » Skilled Manpower - India has a large number of universities and graduate institutions, which provide skilled resources. In addition to that, the critical mass of global players operating in India provides a vast pool of experienced managers.
  » Cost savings - Using India based resources results in 40% to 60% cost savings. This is not only due to labor arbitrage, but also due to productivity improvements.
  » Time Zone Advantage – We work while you sleep resulting in an unique " follow-the-sun " approach and 24/7 operational uptime.
  » Supportive Government - The sector enjoys 100% tax exemption, in addition to supportive infrastructure, investment and employment policies.
  » Revenue Enhancement - India-based teams also capture new revenues e.g.- processing small claims is economically viable at a lower Indian cost base.


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