Security Policy::

A stringent and well defined IS Security Policy at Octagon ensures high levels of safety, confidentiality and reliability.

Network Security
The system includes Firewalls and IDS to protect the public network.
Data encryption on SSL for all the data transfer on WAN.
Virtual Local Area Network information policies implemented on the LAN and layer 3 IP addressing to prevent internal hacking.
Regular information security audits to ensure adherence to the security guidelines and identify opportunities for improvement.
Daily, weekly and monthly backup for all the crucial data. NAS implementation in process for backup across the sites. Remote storage of all the crucial data for BCP (Business Continuity Planning) purpose.
Dedicated antivirus server updates all terminals across the network with latest updates and patches.

Rigorous reference checks of all incoming employees to ensure a reliable track record of integrity.
All the employees of the company are required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which prohibits them from disclosing any information relating to our clients and their data during their employment with the company and also for 5 years after they cease to be a part of the company.

Physical Security
Access control policy for all IT infrastructure based on a well-documented Information Security Manual.
24x7 site monitoring by trained on-site security personnel.


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