Demand Generation Services::

We can execute demand generation campaigns globally and fill your pipeline quickly. Our lead generation process touches end-users the most professional way and gauges their interests in your products and services. Our integrated platform can give you the ability to track which verticals, titles, sizes of companies(SMB, mid-market, enterprise) etc., are most interested in your solutions, so that you can refine your campaigns further to generate more revenue at a lower cost.

Campaign Types:

  • Setting up qualified appointments with customers with real buying needs
  • Recruitment of audience for your properties/events
  • Registration of qualified attendees for eSeminars / Webinars
  • Distribution of Whitepapers to qualified recipients
  • Event or Trade Show marketing  

Campaign Objectives:

  • Drive sales for a specific client product category in a pre-selected market segment.
  • For the selected product category, Octagon will be leveraging an integrated product, process and people platform.
  • Octagon will develop, track and report detailed campaign metrics and ROI.

Campaign Approach:

  • Campaign Theme & Portal Set-up - The purpose of this portal is to create customer awareness and capture appointment set-up status through an on-line portal - fully branded with client identities. This portal will also include an aspx email template, as well as solutions overview for the specific campaign in consideration.
  • End User (Installed Base & New Prospect) Marketing – For clients, Octagon will send out an email blast, and then follow-up with telemarketing to client's existing installed base of customers and new prospects to set-up appointments.
  • Appointment Process Management - The following is a brief overview of the process that Octagon will follow to set-up appointments between client and end-users:
    • Pre-appointment Follow-up - By leveraging Step 1-2, Octagon will drive appointment set-up.
    • Appointment - Octagon will work with client to coordinate a face to face or over the phone appointment.
  • Reporting & Metrics - Octagon to provide detailed daily and weekly reports for the campaign to client.

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