Controlled Circulation Telemarketing::

We have experience in every market you can think of and have a track record of executing single campaigns of 40,000+ completes. We pride ourselves on our ability to optimize conversion rates where we usually deliver 60-70% on renewal campaigns.

Our Publishing Division staff has years of experience and understand the goals of circulation managers. We know that a list can be precious and sometimes every last subscriber is needed on the BPA statement. We understand audit requirements and deadlines. And, we realize there are budget constraints. We'll design the most effective strategy to meet our clients' circulation goals, and closely monitor and evaluate their results.

What we offer:-

  • Highest conversion rates in the industry leading to lower Cost Per Name (CPN)
  • Strict adherence to BPA / ABC guidelines
  • Reliability of service – All projects till date completed on time and within agreed list size
  • Fast turnaround while maintaining/improving conversion rates and keeping costs within control
  • Every single call resulting in a positive outcome (complete) is screened by our quality department
  • A supervisor for every 8 callers
  • Zero subscriber complaints or minimal complaints
  • 100% digital call recording
  • Workforce management software to automate break times and rosters (depending on slack times)
  • Detailed, accurate and real-time daily reports
  • Customized reports of every conceivable nature (by demographic, etc.) and statistical analysis on those reports
  • Remote monitoring facility
  • Transmittals that never need to be re-done (Ability to work with all the major fulfilment houses as well as in-house fulfillment departments)

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