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Why Outsource

Outsourcing has evolved from a tactical, cost control mechanism to a strategy that can assist in changing or evolving a company's market position.
As companies face a more challenging and unpredictable business environment, the need to develop a clearly defined outsourcing strategy that is aligned with a business strategy therefore enhancing business execution becomes imperative. The decision to outsource therefore is moving into the boardroom and is becoming the key strategy to improve or transform business.
The benefits of outsourcing in today's business environment are clear:

Cost Savings

Cost Reduction

Through scale and best practices, Octagon can typically provide services less expensively than internal or shared services units.

Variable vs. Fixed Cost Structure
Allowing organizations to match activity (business volume) levels with cost significantly reduces cost associated with highly cyclical business patterns.
Greater Cost Predictability

Fixed term transaction based pricing provides increased budget certainty while mitigating risk associated with uncontrolled cost increases.

World Class Competencies
Access to New Technology and Skills

Our work processes and technology platforms are flexible and scalable ensuring long-term solution viability.

Enhanced Service Levels

Strict contractual service level commitments typically increase customer satisfaction to end customers.

Leverage Best Practices

Experience across many industry sectors and service lines drives innovation unable to be achieved through internal or shared services units.

Speed and Flexibility
Mergers and Acquisitions

Outsourcing allows organizations the ability to focus on integrating the value add departments and not the back office.

Economic Uncertainty

Outsourcing allows the flexibility to ramp up or down quickly

Core Competency Focus
Drive Shareholder Value

When competitive differentiation is essential, outsourcing allows for companies to deploy internal resources, management talent and capital for mission-critical functions.

While these traditional benefits are important, outsourcing itself is undergoing an evolutionary change. The increasing complexity and volatility of the business environment has compelled companies to evaluate their strategies, competencies and resources and are now migrating to a more complete "end-to-end" outsourcing delivery model that involves long-term relationships that focus on total "one point accountability" to managing essential business results. This approach provides both parties greater flexibility to meet the changing market dynamics.

Because pressure for return on investment is high, outsourcing with world-class providers is critical for companies as they move forward in these volatile times. Additionally, the investment community is scrutinizing corporate performance at an unprecedented level of detail. All this is requiring fundamental changes in the ways companies approach the economy. Through Octagon's outsourcing solutions, we are able to partner with our clients to meet these complex market demands.


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