Quality ::

  • Quality is the platform toward success and the means of achieving higher customer satisfaction levels. Quality initiatives are powered by comprehensive, time-tested collection of process matrices, methodical research and statistical process control techniques toward driving improvement at every stage.
  • Customer Satisfaction being the primary focus, OCTAGON believes and implements quality systems, processes with a complete COPC defined structure. Quality monitoring is a two way process, online barging and reviewing of VOICE files (VOX/WAVE). For BPO endeavors OCTAGON have a strong productivity metrics, zero error scope and delivery models maintaining stringent turnaround time. Strong feedback procedures, team play and continuous enhancement models compliment the service delivery.
  • Deep rooted focus on training as in Process and Products besides its emphasis on Voice and Accent makes the procedure full proof. Thus there is an additional value beyond the generic cost saving factor. OCTAGON plans to integrate COPC metrics with ISO documentation, within the next quarter.

Key Elements of Quality
As a Customer:

  • Octagon is committed towards fulfilling the requirements set forth in the SLAs in terms of Quality, Turnaround and Process Improvement.
  • Constant endeavor to exceed customer expectations.
  • Customer surveys are undertaken and incorporated into a " Customer Satisfaction Index ".
  • Well-defined and extensively documented project management plan ensuring " zero surprises " for our customers.

As an Employee:

  • Ongoing programme for career growth, training and self-development.
  • "Employee Satisfaction Index" to monitor satisfaction with work culture, process training, colleagues and opportunities provided.
  • Fair and objective performance appraisal system.

As an Investor:

  • Complete transparency in operations.
  • Continuous initiative to yield higher returns on capital deployed.


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